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Charmaine Clarke Reflexology – Fertility and Beyond

Are you struggling to conceive? Have you exhausted all the options? Maybe you have been advised that IVF is your only hope of realising your dream of becoming parents.

Perhaps you suffer from Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Fibroids or even Ovarian Cysts.

What are your periods like? Are they irregular? Is the bleed scanty with very little cervical mucus? Perhaps you are experiencing spotting prior to bleeds.
Are you suffering from cyclical headaches, PMS, intermittent bleeding, weight gain, painful and lumpy breasts?

What about stress ? This has an enormous impact, not only upon how we feel and perform, but how we function as women.

Have you suffered from a miscarriage?

What about your partner? Is he suffering from low or abnormal sperm?

Are you living a healthy lifestyle with good diet and exercise ?

If you are suffering from any of the above, or require help with achieving pregnancy, Charmaine Clarke will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.
Please call 01638 662970 or email:
Charmaine Clarke is based in Newmarket, Suffolk. Treatments and consultations are ideally carried out in the Enhance Natural Fertility facility, but can also be provided at other locations, or in your own home.
In general, Charmaine Clarke will provide services within a 40 mile radius of Newmarket, covering parts of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, and Norfolk. Services can of course be offered to those from further afield who are happy to meet at an alternative closer venue.
All consultations are by appointment only.