Advanced Fertility Testing

Why is DNA testing important?

DNA damage is often a factor when couples have been trying for a baby for some time without success, and where there is no obvious explanation why, it can also be a major factor when couples have been successful in conceiving, but have suffered a number of miscarriages.

Even healthy sperm can have some DNA damage, but it is the amount of damage that is the factor.

Fertility Facts:

• Healthy sperm are really important for a healthy baby
• Damaged sperm DNA makes it harder to get pregnant with IVF and can increase the risk of miscarriage
• One in 6 couples has difficulty having a baby, in 40% of these cases the difficulty lies with the male
• The Sperm Comet Test is so sensitive it can explain up to 80% of previously unexplained fertility

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Sperm DNA damage and why it is so important for your treatment.

QF030 Sperm DNA Damage Info Sheet